Medora in Psitharis
Medora in Psitharis

Greetings Friends and Fellow Journeyers,

Well, I think first I owe you guys an apology.  No new content has been put up on the website or the Wattpad page in four months, but there is a reason; actually, several reasons.  The first and foremost is this: I got hacked.  Well, I SORT OF got hacked.  The person who was helping me post new content tied my content to HER account and posted the book as her own.  Now I can only reach HER page instead of the original.  I’m working with Wattpad to resolve this issue, but it’s a new issue for them and they have yet to fix it in any way. THAT’S reason number one.

Reason number two: Well, my old content poster basically quit on me. She’s a relative, so I thought she could be trusted; guess it’s getting really difficult to know who can be trusted and who can’t these days!  But GOOD NEWS! I’m going to let the whole Wattpad issue continue to be resolved, and in the meantime, I’ll be posting the second novel myself on a new Wattpad page.  I highly recommend my readers who had already started on Book Two to read from the beginning, as I’ve made a few edits and fixed a couple of mistakes.  And I’ll post all that information on this website as it becomes available.  I’ll be starting with chapter one, as I’m not sure where she left off.  So don’t worry; the new book WILL BE PUBLISHED!  Keep checking the website for updates.

I’m not sure how far my content poster got with my notes, but I AM still creating a Patreon account that is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT voluntary.  I’ve also written several new back stories for our favorite (and not so favorite!) characters.  I’ll also be posting those to the website!  And I might be writing some new tales that are exclusive to sponsors; trying to figure out the whole Patreon thing and if it will even help with this whole experience.  So, fear not, new content is coming!  Stay tuned to get some new content and to FINALLY find out what happened to the True Queen of Psitharis!

Most Sincerely and With Many Thanks,

Lori Thomas